Alleviate Stress

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Ways to Alleviate Stress from The Jim's 


1. Call the Jim's to Sell or buy a Home and let them Help you that the Stress out of moving....

2. Practice being optimistic.

3. Reframe things in the context of a larger positive plan.

4. Recognize that troubles can sometimes be only temporary.

5. Don't blame yourself needlessly.

6. Put things into perspective.

7. Let go of what you can’t control; take control of what you can.

8. Look over your list of commitments. Highlight the unavoidable responsibilities. Eliminate the voluntary ones that don’t fulfill you.

9. Perfectionism only leads to stress.

10. Know your limits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Set boundaries with other people—and yourself.

11. Get organized, but don’t overwhelm yourself with the task.

12. When faced with a large task, break it down into smaller tasks. Prioritize tasks and deal with the most important or most unpleasant issue first.

13. Make leisure activities and hobbies a priority in your life. Enjoyment of life prolongs life and reduces stress. Have a sense of humor.

14. Just 20 minutes a day of walking will add years to your life and condition your body for maximum enjoyment of life and reduction of stress.


15. Give a hug, cuddle on the couch, and enjoy LIFE.     The Jim's